About (BELC)

About Bethel Early Learning Center

Bethel Early Learning Center was established in the fall of 2004 to provide warm, nurturing surroundings and Christ-centered preschool education for families of young children in Westmont and neighboring communities.

Young children need a calm and peaceful place to play and learn where they feel safe and accepted.  At Bethel Early Learning Center, these surroundings are shaped by teachers who are unhurried and patient.  The classrooms invite children to “come in”, explore and enjoy the experience.  The child-friendly materials remain constant to provide stability, familiarity and routine.  Favorite songs, activities and books remain constant throughout the year. To keep learning fresh and exciting, new materials are slowly introduced into the daily learning environment.

At Bethel Early Learning Center, children and their parents will gain a sense that their needs are respected and being met within the classroom.  Each teacher provides the leadership, confidence and flexibility necessary to attain this goal.  Daily lessons are prepared with care, structured with young children’s specific needs in mind.

The Bethel Early Learning Center curriculum is based on sound educational principles including rich language experiences and peer socialization. Within this framework, Christian values and the love of Jesus are woven to give children a true foundation for learning. All of the classes at Bethel Early Learning Center are designed to prepare children for elementary school and beyond..

This is the environment that has been created at Bethel Early Learning Center.  The primary focus of our programs is to help all children attain their maximum learning potential.